Professional Reiki healer doing reiki treatment to young woman

Tagasi eesti keele juurde

Welcome to our introductory page in English!

Reiki is a healing modality for channeling healing energy and using it for healing self and others. Reiki is based on several Eastern philosophies, religions and healing arts. For many people, it is life-saving and a start of a more fulfilling life.

Reiki can be learned in three stages:

Level 1 is the base stage. After being attuned to Level 1, the person has a basic understanding about the flow of life-energy and can heal self and their family and friends. They can remain a peaceful observant and use Reiki in everyday situations. If you have just completed Level 1, please read the guide here.

Level 2 is the advanced stage. After being attuned to Level 2, the person can draw and use the three basic Reiki symbols and use Reiki for influencing their physical and mental world. They have a right to give both contact and distance Reiki to paying clients.

Level 3 can be divided into two stages. After being attuned to Stage 1 of Level 3, the person can draw and use the fourth Reiki symbol and use Reiki for contacting their Higher Self.

Having completed the full program, the person has a right to teach Reiki to others, is prepared to attune others and is equipped to provide them with materials.

RK Reiki School is located in Tartu, Estonia. During the 10 years of its existence it has also carried the names Tartu Reiki School, Tartu Energy Scool and JK Reiki School. JK came from Juugakoda, as it was a part of a therapy and training centre “Juugakoda”. As Juugakoda ceased to exist, we changed the name to “RK Reiki School”. RK are both the initials of Reet Karro and Reiki School in Estonian. The school’s reiki teacher is Reet Karro. During these years thousands of people have completed our Level 1. Our Level 2 has had 101 graduates and 15 people have completed the full programme of Reiki studies.

We started this page because we have had two successful English-language Reiki courses – in 2017 and 2021. Hopefully the next one will be in early 2023.

Reiki is a blessing and gift. Internet is full of Reiki materials and libraries have plenty of Reiki books. They are really worth reading.

Namaste, namaste, namaste!