After Reiki Level 1 Training

You have gone through a major or minor transformation, depending on what your starting level was. The attunement received during the course tuned you to Reiki frequency, opened your chakras and increased your vibrational speed and filled your cells with more light. Some individuals experience such a change in the form of health problems. If this is the case (but not just in case), read the article.

If you want the effect achieved in the courses to be permanent, practice a healthy lifestyle, continue following your Reiki routine for at least 1 hour for 21 days and after that at least twice a week or every day for a shorter time. You might also engage in grounding and cleansing yourself energetically. It is advisable to wait 21 days before giving Reiki to other people (if they are not your children).

However, if you start giving Reiki to different people, you should pay attention to separating from them after the session, otherwise energy threads will remain between you, which will eventually be tiresome. If necessary, read about the disconnection immediately after the session here and the removal of long-lasting energy cords here.


  1. Recite the 5 Reiki commandments for three times every morning and night
  2. Practice either breathing exercises, cleaning exercises or Reiki showering before practicing Reiki, so that your chakras are open and energy level high when you start Reiki.
  3. Practice self-Reiki for at least 30 minutes every day. You may use the specific hand positions shown on the drawing you received, or just give Reiki to places that need it most.
  4. Keep a Reiki diary. Record your dreams, ideas, questions and findings.

You may also read Reiki Master Margaret Young’s article here.

You may always contact your Reiki teacher, should you have more serious issues with Reiki or cleansing.

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